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Lesson 61 - Set Price Levels & Price List

Let's We Know about Set the Price Levels and Price List for a specific Customer or a product.
Price Levels

In Tally.ERP 9, you can create different Price Levels and assign different Price Lists to these Price Levels. For example, you can create Wholesaler, Distributor and Customer as Price Levels and assign applicable Price Lists to these Price levels, as per your requirements, so that only the relevant prices and discount rates are used during entry of orders and invoices. Before you start creating Price Lists, you may decide to create Price Levels as required.

Creating Price Levels

Ensure that whether the Company is enabled for Accounts with Inventory in the Company Master screen.
To enable Price Levels, Set the following fields to Yes in F11: Features & F2: Inventory Features screen.
1.      Allow Invoicing (If you do not set this option to Yes, the options for Price Lists will not be available.)
2.      Set Use Multiple Price Levels to Yes.

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