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Lesson 60 - How to Print Cheque Deposit Slip in Tally.ERP9

Tally made cheque printing very easy for users. Banks also accepted deposits created by Tally.ERP9. I was work for a manufacturing company and there is daily approximately 50 cheque received from the customer's and deposit into the Bank. But Tally made it very simple, Create deposit entry in the books and generate deposit slip directly from the Software.

How it is process? Let we know:

On Gateway of Tally-Accounts Info-Ledgers-Create

Create/ Alter Bank- Set / Alter Bank Details to "Yes". Now Select bank from the list shows (List now will be shows if you have educational version or if you are not connected to Internet). Enter details of your Bank Accounts like below image:

Save Details.

Now pass the Receipt Entry, on bank allocation fill all the details required.

These details will print on your deposit slip. 

Go on Gateway of Tally - Banking - Deposit Slip - Cheque Deposit Slip. Select your bank for print deposit slip. Entry/ Entries reflect in Bank Segment, Press F7 for enter or edit the details. If full details now shows Press F2 (Configuration) & Select options show in below image:

Press Alt+P (For print command). Select options Print Cheque Deposit Slip to "Yes". Select Customer Copy also to "Yes" (If you want to obtain a copy of deposit slip). See below image for format of Deposit Slip.

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