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Delete A Company-2 Methods

Dear Viewers,

Did you know? How to Delete a Company in TallyERP.9?

There is 2 way to Delete a Company from TallyERP.9. The 1st Step is are as following:

1.  Open TallyERP.9 
2.  Select the Company 
3.  Press Alt+F3 (Or Click on Right Sidebar Button showing Cmp Info: See Below Image)

How to Remove a Company in Tally.ERP9

4.  Select Alter Option (Or Press "A")

5.  Then Press Alt+D

6.  It says DELETE -"Yes" or "No"
7.  Click on "Yes" or Press "Y".

The Company Deleted Successfully. This is the option for Delete a Company but this option has a very lose point that you are not recover the Company if you delete the Company from this option. So here is the Second Option for Secure your data with deletion of Company. 

1. Do not open TallyERP.9
2. Go to TallyERP.9 Icon & Right Click on TallyERP.9 Icon
3. Go to Properties

4. Select Find Target or Open File Location (A new window appear when you click on "Find Target")
5. You can now view Data Folder, Double Click on Data Folder & you can also view folders like 10001, 10002, 10003.

6. Select your preferred Company Data Folder & Press Ctrl+X (Cut) and make another folder here like Deleted Data and paste the Folder in Deleted Data Folder. You are also suggested to paste your data folder in any other drive.
7. Open TallyERP.9, Select the Company, you see the company you are delete is not in the list.

This is the 2nd option to delete and secure your data safely. This option is more secure and safe for your data.

Stay Tuned for More Tips & Tutorials

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