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Lesson-1 How to Create a Company in Tally & Enable GST Features

Lots of Viewers want to learn TallyERP.9 from my Blog. So Now, I have present lesson wise tutorial on TallyERP.9. It helps you to become a master in Tally Accounting and gain your knowledge in Accounts. 

But First We want to know, What is the use of TallyERP.9? Tally is a software, which is fulfill your accounting needs without any problem. It has lots of features like, parties (Creditors/ Debtors) reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Book Maintaining, Sales Register, Purchase Register, VAT return format, TDS, TCS, Goods and Service Tax and many more.

The First Step is Installing the TallyERP.9 Software. I was already post article on Installation of TallyERP.9. So after installation, how tally works and how we create our company database in TallyERP.9

All these features you learn through my basic tutorials. 

Lesson - 1 (Creating a Company)

After successful Installation, Open the TallyERP.9 Software. The Main Gateway of Tally Window look like this:

Click on Create Company or Press "C" Button. The following window appear after press "C".

Red Mark Fields are mandatory to make your Company and It shows following options:

1. The Directory Field are, where your data/ Company store.
2. Name of Your Company i.e. XYZ Limited.
3. Mailing/ Billing or Registered Address of the Company.
4. Your Country Name (Must be select for Make compliance accordingly to your country) i.e. I Enter India.
5. State (Select state) I select Delhi. Pin Code (110033), Telephone No. (011-12345678) Mobile No (9191919191)  your company's email id: (haridasbetaramdas@gmail.com).
6. If you want to create Auto Backup of Your Data then select "yes".
7. Your Country Currency Symbol (Indian Rupee), Select Accounts Only for only Accounting Features or Select Accounts with Inventory for Accounting and Inventory (Stock Management) features.
8.Select Security Control for protect your data from Strangers and also use the Benefit of Tally.Net Feature.

Bottom "Base Currency Information" is related to your Country Currency.  Please do not try to change this section, because when you Select Country (Option-4) this section will be automatically Change accordingly to your Country Currency.

After fill all these details the system ask you to accept yes or not, Press "y" or select yes. Your company create successfully.

So, This is the 1st Lesson to how you start your company in TallyERP.9

Next Time we talk about Creating Ledgers and Master (Nature of Vouchers also). So Keep Visiting and Comment your query and needs. 

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