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Lesson-37 How to Copy a ledger

Tally.ERP9 is the one of the best ERP Accounting software in the World. It improve its features day by day, every release has a new feature according to Indian Accounting Standards. Why I m telling about Indian Accounting Standards, because Tally.ERP9 is very successful software in India. I was post lots of tutorial on Tally.ERP9, but this time I talk with you about a great feature of Tally.ERP9, Today we know about a amazing feature of Tally.ERP9, a unique option in Tally is copy a ledger group, inventory, voucher type from a company to another company (with full details & configuration). However, A accountant maintain lots of companies in Tally.ERP9, some companies are group with each other, some are subsidiaries companies & some are holding companies. Some accounts (debtors, creditors, loans, banks, expenses, income etc.) are same in lots of companies. For Example, I maintain two company in Tally.ERP9.

1st  is ABC Limited & 2nd is XYZ Limited, & a party Goga International is dealing with both companies in same manner (it means Goga International Sales items from both companies, therefore Goga international is shows Creditor in both companies). 1st we create a ledger in ABC Limited named Goga International (see below picture).

Above image is show how to create a sundry creditor with advance entries, XYZ Limited has the same ledger with same configuration. So what you can do? You exit from ABC Limited, select XYZ Limited & then you go account info, ledger & create. Its too lengthy & time wasting option.

When you create above creditor in ABC Limited you must open XYZ Limited in your gateway of tally sidebar. (See below image).

After create ledger (Goga International), exit from ledger creation & select alter-> Goga International, Press F3 (This option shows you change the Company) select XYZ Limited & Press Ctrl + A or select yes when say to accept the ledger creation, exit Tally.ERP9 now (its not necessary to exit the program, but for safety reason make sure to exit), reopen the program & see both companies have same ledger with same configuration.  (See below image).

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