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Lesson-38 Recycle Bin for Tally All Version

Now Computer is necessary for everyone like school, colleges, students, industries, shops etc. Everyone use computer or laptops & its typical error to create a bug/error or a virus in computer, because of this we lost our important files & sometimes by mistake we delete our important files, but many many thanks to Mr. Bill Gate for recycle bin option in Computer/Windows, where we found our delete files and restore them. 
Before some days i was attend a Tally.ERP9 seminar & know about another improved feature of Tally.ERP9, its recycle bin for Tally (7.2, 8.1, 9 & ERP9). It works like computer recycle bin, if you delete a voucher by mistake or its necessary to delete a voucher and after sometime you want to restore the voucher, then recycle bin option is works for maintain & restore your deleted voucher. But this time we thanks to Sweta Softwares, who invent this amazing feature. This is a free utility & you can download this from Click here
How to install this feature:
For Tally ERP 9 users. Open your Tally Installation folder, there is a file named Tally.ini. Open this file and find User TDS=Yes paste following codes after this line.

User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9-erp.tcp( address where you have placed this file)

For Tally 9 users
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9v.tcp( address where you have placed this file)

For Tally 7.2 users
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin.tcp( address where you have placed this file)
Save the file and start Tally. You would see extra option of Recycle Bin.(shown in the picture )

After follow these steps a option will appear on Gateway of tally screen:

After this, when you delete any voucher in Tally; it is still available in the Recycle bin and you can restore it back; if required.or you can delete the same from recycle bin also by using Alt+D from the recycle bin also. Anytime, if you want to restore then go to recycle bin, open the voucher & press enter when it say to restore. Your voucher is shown in your accounts book again. This is free utility from Sweta Softwares

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