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Number to Words in Excel - Another Method

Recently one of my visitor ask me about my previous post of convert number to excel in word is not working in his excel sheet. I am again check my link sheet for working properly or not. Its working but viewers did not add it in Excel Add-in & have problem to convert number into words (or Rupees INR). So now i put another method to convert number into words. Perhaps its working better than my previous method & easy to install in Excel File. Tally Knowledge team is convert this function script for specially our indian viewers. But this script working with any currency & in any country code. For indian users, by using this script you can convert number to indian rupees also. Let we do it with some very easy steps.

Download the script file from click Here!
Open your excel sheet & press ALT+F11, it start your excel visual editor.

Click on Insert Menu & Module.

A new window will appear in your visual editor, paste this script file code in this new window. Press Ctrl+S to save your file.

Now put numerical value in any cell of your ms excel worksheet (suppose you enter amount in cell no. A2, in another cell enter this formula =spellnumber(A2) you must give reference of that particular cell which you want to show in words. See below image.

Its all done. This function is work for only single particular sheet, if you want to work this method on your all sheet then you must re-install your msoffice application & when you open your 1st Excel sheet put this method again & save as your excel sheet as macro workbook sheet, after do these steps this function is work with your all excel worksheets.

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  1. Hi, Thanks.
    You can also Try Gword Excel Add-In
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  2. Try...
    Free Excel Add-in Convert Excel cell Numbers to Words with Prefix and Suffix features.


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