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Lesson 59 - How to Configure & create a TDS Entry in Release 5.1 and above

In latest updation of Tally make some change in Statutory Compliance. Now users face problem to configuration of Statutory compliance in Tally. In this tutorial, we learn about how to configure TDS in Tally.ERP9 Release 5.1 and above.

Create Voucher Entry: Press F11: F3

Select Enable Tax Deducted at source to "Yes". Select Set/Alter TDS details to "Yes". A new window will appear on the screen. See below:

Set / alter details of person responsible yes to enter responsible person data i.e. name, father name, pan no,. address etc.

Now create sundry creditors. Select Is TDS Deductable to Yes, Select deductee type (Company, non company, individual, government etc.)

Create TDS Ledger (I have create TDS @ 10% for professionals) Select Type of Duty/Tax: TDS, create a new category (Alt+C). Save TDS Ledger Creation.

Now Create Expenses ledgers. TDS applicable select yes, and select category created in TDS duty ledger creation. 

Create a voucher entry. In creditors field TDS will automatically deducted in the voucher. (See below Image).

Now create a payment voucher for show payment of TDS through cash/ bank/ online. On right side bar select Stat Payment and enter the details.

Now go to Display - Statutory Report - TDS Reports - Form 26Q
Be assure that none entry show in Uncertain Transaction.

Now Press F6 or save option from right hand green Bar. Form 26Q is generate in Tally.ERP9 installation Folder.

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