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Creating Attendance or Production Vouchers

Creating Attendance or Production Vouchers in Tally.ERP9

An attendance voucher contains daily attendance of employees. On the basis, of Attendance / Production Voucher you can easily calculate monthly salary / wages. You can also use Attendance voucher to enter overtime, leave or production hours. You can enter a weekly or daily vouchers to keep the records in payroll.

Attendance Vouchers - Manual Entry

To create an attendance voucher you need to go to Gateway of Tally - Payroll Vouchers - Attendance (Alt + F5). Click F2 for change the date and enter the date of month end. Select the employee name whose attendance you want to record. Select Attendance / Production type as Absent, Present, Overtime etc. Enter the value and Select End of List from the list of Employees. 

Attendance / Production Voucher using Auto fill

In Attendance voucher, you can use auto fill function to enter a quick / fast entry. Using auto fill can fill all employees details (It is only applicable when you are using more than one payroll category enabled) and / or select Employee Group.

For using auto fill Go to Gateway of Tally - Payroll Voucher - Attendance (ALT+F5). Click F2+Date to change the date. Now press Ctrl+A for use auto fill option. Enter the voucher date as last day of the month. Select Employee Category, Choose Employee Group. Now you are go to auto fill values in your attendance voucher. Select your attendance type as Absent, default value will be 0, Sorting by Employee Name. Enter the values against employee names and save the voucher. 

Note: Similarly you can record the details of overtime, paid leave, production through Auto Fill button

Now Press F12 in the attendance voucher for more configuration

Click F12: Configure to change the default view for for the attendance voucher. 

Set option Skip Date Field in Create more (Faster Entry)  to yes to skip the date selection. 

Set yes to Show resigned / retired employees to include the resigned / retired Employees in payroll reports.

Set yes to Show Balance as on Voucher Date to show current balance of the employee.

Set yes to Show employee number to include the employee number in payroll reports.

That's All! In next lesson we know about How to create payroll payment vouchers. 

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