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Salary Payment Voucher using User Defined Pay Heads

The User defined pay process is used for capturing the values for User Defined Pay Heads before processing actual salary. 

To process User Defined Pay Heads
  1. Go to Gateway of Tally - Payroll Vouchers - Payroll (Ctrl + F4)
  2. Press F2 for voucher date.
  3. Now click Ctrl+A for auto fill option.
  4. Select User Defined in process in Field. 
  5. Enter the period date (From and to Date)
  6. Select the Empolyee Category
  7. Select the Employee  Group
  8. Select the appropriate Payroll Voucher from the list of ledger account.
  9. Set use Mode of Payment. This will open a new option called Mode of Payment / Transaction Type. Setting this Option to Yes will allow user to filter employees based on banking details in Employee Master.
  10. Set the Option Set Employee - Wise  Bank Allocation to Yes. 
  11. Enter the User Defined Pay Head Values e.f. variable pay, Salary Advance & Deductions if any.
  12. Enter the required narrations. The payroll voucher shows the pay period by default in the narration screen.
  13. Press Enter to Save the voucher.

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