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Purchase from Unregistered Dealer under GST?

In new GST Regime when you purchase goods / services from Unregistered Dealer you have to pay GST from your own pocket. In this post we discuss about how to pass a entry for purchase from unregistered dealer and show GST payable under reverse charge. 

First you need to create or update your existing purchase ledger from unregistered dealer.

purchase from unregistered dealer under GST in Tally

After update the same, you need to update your supplier ledger account to effect of purchase from unregistered dealer. On GST Set / Alter GST details select yes and enter the details unregistered dealer as below image:

Purchase from Unregistered Dealer under GST?

Now create a purchase entry. When you select purchase account system show you some default purchase classifications. Select Purchase from Unregistered Taxable from the list. Select commodity enter quantity and rates. Press Alt + A for Tax Analysis or click on Tax Analysis from right side panel (See below images for details):

Purchase from Unregistered Dealer under GST?

Clicking on Tax Analysis show you tax details chargeable under Reverse Charge mechanism for purchase from Unregistered Dealers.

Purchase from Unregistered Dealer under GST?

Press Enter to save the voucher and go to Display - Statutory Details - GST - GSTR - 2. You can see details of Tax of Rs. 90000 (SGST and CGST - 50/50) in B2B Invoice Details.

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