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How to create Bank Charges entry with GST in TallyERP.9?

In this tutorial, we know about the bank charges or bank interest debited by bank from our account and also also charge GST on Charges / Interest and the same is deducted from our account.

For Example, I have issued a cheque for demand draft and Bank charge Rs. 250 from my account as Bank Charges for Demand Draft. In this case, if my bank within state then bank charge from me CGST and SGST @ 9% each because GST on Bank Charges and interest is 18%. So the entry will be like this:
Dr. Bank Charges                              250.00
Dr. CGST                                            22.50
Dr. CGST                                            22.50
Cr. Bank                                                              295.00

This example is applicable on our bank charges entry with GST impact. But in tally there is no option to show separate CGST and SGST in bank charges entry because bank charges only can be show in Payment voucher. So in tally entry can be pass like this:

You can see and surprised that why i have pass entry in purchase voucher? Because tally have no option to show GST in a payment voucher. All bank must have GSTIN, it means they are not unregistered, in this case, this entry will show input credit in our books and effect our GSTR - 2. If you pass bank charges  in payment voucher then you will not able to calculate excluding amount in payment voucher. 

Below video show you how to pass bank charges entry in Tally with GST Impact:

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  1. Actually the amount of 250/- already includes the tax component, thus u have to enter the taxable value on which you shall be showing taxes paid or charged which is generally provided by the banks.

  2. Bank charges debited by bank, in tally where we have to book the entry i,e. JV or bank payment

    Please advice.


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