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How to do bank reconciliation in tally through Excel Bank Statement?

How to do bank reconciliation in tally through Bank Statement?

Friends, in this post we know about how to easily reconcile your bank through online bank statement. Reconciliation of bank statement is the one of the biggest accounting task. If your statement is so much big then it is normally take a day or two day to reconcile the same. But do you know tally reconcile your bank statement with easy import bank statement option. It means, you need to only download your bank statement from online portal in excel format and just import in tally.

All the transaction automatic reconcile easily and only space bar allowed you to reconcile your statement. So lets start how you reconcile your banks statement very easily.

First you need to setup your bank in tally properly, if you did not setup your bank ledger properly, you won't be able to reconcile your bank through this option. So follow these steps:

Gateway of Tally - Ledgers - Creation and create your bank ledger as follows: (This is the example of ICICI Bank Statement)

In above image you can see we highlight the option enable auto reconciliation to yes. After selecting yes to see system ask to locate the excel file of downloaded statement and reconciled statement after your bank reconcile through tally.

Now save the bank ledger. (Note you can also alter your bank ledger to enable this feature).

Go to your Bank Ledger or select Display - Accounts Book - Cash/Bank Book (List of bank accounts appears here). Select your bank and choose month for reconciliation.

Press F5 to reconcile the bank and you can see a new option Bank Statement or Press Alt + B.

Now you can see a path to select the excel file downloaded from Banking Portal or you need to choose the path where you select your bank statement.

Select your excel statement and press enter and system show you total entries in bank statement and entries reconciled automatically.

Now press any key on your keyboard, and it will be done. Export your bank statement reconciliation to excel or you can take printout of the same.

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