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How to Backup, Restore and use Tally Data?

How to Backup, Restore and use Tally Data?

Friends, today we know about how to backup, restore and use your tally data. Backup of working data of any project, assignment or software required for use in emergency. There is several software available in market to take auto backup of your data. But today we discuss about backup of your Tally Data and how to restore if your system corrupted. There is two primary methods to backup your tally data.

1. Normal Backup (With or without software)
2. Cloud Backup (Google Drive, One Drive, Box Drive)

In normal backup you need to copy your data manual or paste in external hard disk or pen drive or you can mail your data to self if data is not much heavy, normally 25MB allowed to mail any kind of attachment in email. Other option to take auto-back up is using software called "Copiaris". Download this software and install, Click here to download.

After install you can see the following window:

You can see there is two options available on left of the window:

In first option you need to set the path to where to save your data and in second option path from where you copy the data. You can also select your External hard disk data path to location to copy the data. 

Note: You can copy your whole computer data through this software, not only tally data. In that case, you need to select different data path to save your data simultaneously.

In above two images you can see I have selected D Drive as our backup path which is a External Pen Drive. 

In above image, we select the data path of our data from where we want to backup.

Now click on save icon of the software 

Name your backup item and save the backup icon to desktop to maintain backup easily. 

Now double click on the icon and select yes to Run the Script.

You can see the backup will be started. Its done.

Now we discuss about 2nd option to backup the data and use anywhere, anytime.

TallyErp.9 Release 6.6 - Access Tally Live Data From Anywhere Any Device Any Time

To operate tally data you need a Internet connection.

The very simple method is you can copy the data from data folder and paste to your pen drive. But suppose, if your pen drive corrupt then? What to do? Recovery of data is a lengthy and difficult process, So you need to install a cloud backup software. Google Drive, One Drive and Box Drive.

Most safest and fastest drive is Google Drive which is very easy to operate and very easy to share the link with anyone, also this is very secure way to share the files.

How to Install Google Drive on PC?

First you need to download the software from here and install. After installation completed you need to login to your primary gmail address. If you don't have gmail address then you can register your email with Gmail.

Google drive icon will be appear on your desktop like this:

Now copy your tally data and paste in google drive folder. All your data will be automatically sync to google drive online cloud storage and you can access your data anywhere, anyplace through google drive. 

How to Restore Tally Data?

Now the question is how to restore the copied or backup tally data. 

As we earlier discussed you can copy your data from the folder or backup your data from tally option.

If you copy your data from the folder to folder then you need to paste the copied data to the location where your data path is set in tally. Secondly if your data is backup data then first you need to restore the data and then paste the data in data location folder. 

Or if you backup your data to cloud storage then you need to download your data first and then paste to your tally data folder. 

Its all done. If you still having any problem to backup, copy or restore the data you can mail us or comment on the post. You can also connect us on our official facebook page, Twitter Account, or whatsapp us on 8920287934 (Only Whatsapp - Calls not entertained). 

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