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How to download Torrent files in Desktop or in Mobile?

How to download Torrent files in Desktop or in Mobile?

Friends, today we discuss about downloading torrent files in desktop or in mobile. Did you know torrent websites banned in some countries and you can not open the website due to website blocked by telecommunication department.

But first we need to know about downloading torrent and what kind of torrent you can download. There is two kind of method to download torrent files.

1. From Desktop
2. From Mobile

To download from Desktop 

In India, when we try to open a torrent website following message appear on the screen and website not open:
Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.
This message appear because of Government block this website to show country specify region. But did you know you can open any website through VPN (Virtual Protocol Network). To open blocked website you need to download and install chrome extension to your chrome browser. In our view best VPN is Browsec, it is very easy to use and very fast. 

After adding Extension to chrome, a new icon of extension appear just right side of your chrome address bar. Select any other country for connecting virtual network.

I am from India and I choose netherland to activate VPN on my system and try. You can see in above image there is NL appear on my Browsec VPN Icon which means Netherland is selected. Now i retry to open the website which is blocked by Department of Communication. 

Note: If website banned from HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) then no VPN work in this condition. It means website seized and never again open.

Now you need to install Torrent files downloader. There is several torrent files software available on internet like, Utorrent, Bittorrent, FlashGet etc. 

Utorrent and Bittorrent is the best downloader as per our opinion.

But did you know you can download any torrent file without showing to any person even IT Developer team did not find the way how you download the torrent files. (But if you can able to install torrent downloader in your system).

After installation, open your software and go to Options - Preferences and select check box to Use Boss-Key Password:

Select any shortcut key as boss key and enter a unique password to hide and open torrent. This feature allow you to download torrent in background, software will be hide in background and no one can see what file you are download or where to download. Also after complete the download no message will be appear on your screen. 

After add torrent to your download press the boss key combination which is selected in above option, torrent will be hide in background, and again when you press the same key combination system ask you to enter the password to open torrent downloader:

Enter password and torrent software is open on your screen.

Now we discuss about to download torrent files in Android.

Download Torrent Files in Android 

As we above discuss to open a torrent files you need to use VPN again and browsec is also available for Android and Apple mobiles.

First you need to download browsec:

and also download Torrent downloader:

Open browsec and connect with any country, and you can able to open blocked website.

Now download any torrent from torrent files and add to Torrent Downloader. You can successfully download torrent files. But to download torrent file seamless you need to have proper space in your desktop and mobile. Suppose if you have 16GB space in your mobile and try to download 14GB File or more than this size then your phone should be hang or not working fast. So keep in mind this step.

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