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How to Translate any Language in Excel 2019?

How to Translate any Language in Excel 2019?

Dear Friends, today we discuss about how to translate any language in your local language in Excel. Now excel has inbuilt feature to translate your own language to any language, I am from India and I need to translate english to hindi to easily understand the language. Translator facility in built feature from Microsoft.

This feature now only available in MS Office Professional Plus 2019 (Try and Tested). We are using this feature without any problem easily in our excel sheets. But first you need to know your excel version. 

How to check which version you are using?

Go to File Menu - Account - and there is option product information which appear version you are using. 

If you are using the same version showing above then you can easily translate languages. 

But you need a fast internet for this feature. 

Now type any paragraph or line in your excel sheet and hit enter. Now right click and click on translate as shown below:

After click on translate option, a new translator window will be appear on your right side and the text written by you in cell will automatically translate default in english.

In From field system automatically detect language in cell, in to field you need to choose the language to translate. As I mentioned above, you can translate any language to your local language.

I hope you like this post. 

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